Having an extramarital affair is a punishable offense in Indonesia, 1 year in prison; Parliament approved the amendment bill


Jakarta: Indonesia’s much-awaited and controversial amendment bill was passed in Parliament on Tuesday. Sex outside marriage will now be a punishable offense following an amendment to the penal code. There is a provision of punishment of one year for doing so. This rule will apply equally to citizens living in Indonesia or traveling abroad.

it may take three years

Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights Edward Harris said that even after assent, the President’s signature is still required for the amendment to take effect. However, it may take at least three years to become fully effective.

Rule cannot be implemented in one year

There are a lot of enforcement rules to work with in the new criminal code, Hirisse said. It is not possible in one year but all this has to be done in three years.

Living in a live-in relationship will be a crime

According to the new amendment, now living in a live-in relationship in Indonesia will also come under the ambit of crime. For this, a provision of punishment of up to six months has been made. Contraception or religious blasphemy is also illegal in the country under the new amendment. The punishment for this can be up to three years.

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