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Mumbai : Medical checkup in just Re 1, sugar in Rs 10, ECG in Rs 100, doesn’t it sound strange? On one hand, where the inflation in the health sector is skyrocketing, One Rupee Clinic is providing primary health care services at very nominal rates. This work is going on continuously for the last 5 years. This work is getting spontaneous response. During the five years from 2017 to 2022, Van Rupi Clinic has provided healthcare to five lakh patients so far.

Dr. Rahul Ghule resigned from the government job in 2017 and decided to implement the concept of Ek Rupi Clinic. His brother Dr. Amol Ghule supported him. Initially, one rupee clinic was started at two railway stations namely Ghatkopar and Kurla. Van Rupi Clinic was started with the sole aim of providing affordable healthcare to the common patients.

Today, Re 1 clinics are functioning at 30 locations in Mumbai suburban railway stations. Not only Mumbai, a Rupi clinic is working at nine railway stations in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The Vanarupi clinic will also serve railway passengers at Banaras Railway Station, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi is represented in the Lok Sabha.

Investigation in just one rupee,
ECG for 100 rupees, sugar test for only 10 rupees and so far more than five lakh patients have been benefited from it. Many lives have been saved due to Ek Rupi Clinic, Railway accidents often lead to emergencies, immediate first aid to such patients can definitely save their lives, more than three thousand such emergency patients have been treated under Ek Rupi Clinic. First aid is given in the clinic. The lives of about 150 to 150 heart attack patients have also been saved by the first aid in the forest-like clinic. So far 15 to 20 women passengers have given birth to a child. 200 people have got employment through One Rupee Clinic.

If there is expansion, the services will be increased. One
The Marathi youth resigned from the government job and decided to work for the common citizens and from that the work of Vanrupi Clinic started. There will be a great need for such community clinics in the future. That’s why Dr. Rahul Ghule, the founder of Van Rupi Clinic, believes that if this concept is further expanded, the health system can be further strengthened.

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