Health: Do not do this work before eating, otherwise there may be many physical problems 


Health: Well, in today’s runaway life, we are unable to take care of our health and in haste we do our own harm. We are not able to follow the rules of eating food in a hurry. Due to which many types of diseases occur. That is why today we are going to tell you some things that are not taken care of before eating, then the body can be surrounded by many diseases.

Make a distance from snacks before eating

Whenever it is time to eat your food, before that you should avoid eating snacks or any other things because by consuming these things you are not able to get enough of your diet.

Do not forget to consume water 


Do not forget to consume water in the same way as the consumption of water after eating can damage the digestive system, in the same way, consuming water immediately before eating can prove to be harmful for digestion. . Actually, by doing this the digestion process becomes very slow due to which many stomach related problems can occur, so do not consume water immediately before eating food.

Make a distance from these beverages  

A few minutes before eating, consuming tea-coffee, cold drink or energy drink is also not considered right for health. Because while tea-coffee is rich in caffeine, cold drinks or energy drinks are full of acid. Therefore, do not consume these things before eating.


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