Health : Include these 4 best things to avoid cold and Cough in winter


Winter season is wreaking havoc. It is freezing. Such a cold can also cause diseases. In winter, care should be taken for your health, because in winter, viral infections and cold and cough are more common. In winter, we resort to warm clothes to avoid outside cold, but it is important to protect ourselves from the cold inside. In the winter season, you can consume some healthy foods in your diet to keep yourself warm inside and to strengthen the immunity.

Strong immunity helps protect against seasonal diseases

. If immunity is weak then we fall ill soon. So during winter season, eat such foods for your immunity and health, which can help keep you warm from inside. Let us tell you about such foods that can help keep you warm and healthy from inside. These foods are helpful in keeping healthy in winter.

Tea in winter season, can help protect you from cold.

Actually, adding ginger to tea is considered beneficial for health. Consuming ginger tea can help reduce cold-cough and sore throat.

Health : Include these 4 best things to avoid cold and Cough in winter


. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is most commonly used as a spice. Cinnamon is one such spice that can help protect against many diseases. You can use cinnamon in tea.

Yogurt is considered very beneficial for health.

Yogurt has vitamin C and fiber properties which can help in strengthening the immunity. Yogurt has anti-bacterial properties that can help protect the body from many diseases. However, avoid eating yogurt at night in winter.

 turmeric included in diet

Turmeric has natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. The powerful anti-oxidant called curcumin present in turmeric prevents the destruction of our cells and works to increase immunity in the body.

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