Health insurance claims can be stuck due to these five reasons


The importance of health insurance has increased in today’s times due to expensive treatment. Health insurance not only reduces the burden on the pocket, but you can get good treatment without worrying about money. However, due to some mistakes or lack of information, your health insurance claim can be canceled. Before taking insurance, it is also important to know what are the reasons why the insurance claim can be rejected by the insurance company. We are giving you five reasons, due to which your claim can be canceled.

1. Expensive Room Rent

If you have taken health insurance from a company. Under the policy of that company, you have got the facility to take a room of up to Rs 3000 on hospitalization, but if you take a room of Rs 4000 then the insurance company will not pay this amount at the time of claim settlement. You will cancel your claim and pay less. You have to pay the additional expenses yourself.

2. Over charge of treatment

Many private hospitals are charging significantly more during this crisis in Corona. In such a situation, if you are treated in a hospital, it charges you a lot more, then the insurance company can refuse to claim. The insurance company will pay at the rate prescribed by the General Insurance Council. In this case, your claim can be canceled or you will have to pay yourself after the agreed amount.

3. Hospitalization for 24 hours


In most health insurance, the cost of treatment is borne only after 24 hours of hospitalization. If you are infected with corona and are undergoing treatment at home isolation, then the insurance company may refuse to claim. However, in some insurance policies, the facility of paying the claim on home treatment is also provided.

4. Claim before waiting period

Generally, the waiting period of two moves in health insurance is fixed for the treatment of pre-existing disease. That is, after two or four years, you can claim the expenses on getting treatment for an already existing disease. The Corona policy also has a 15-day waiting period. If you claim before then the insurance company will cancel your claim.

5. Not giving correct information

The biggest reason for a health insurance claim to be dismissed is to provide false information from the insured. If you already have any disease or any illness in the family is going on for generations, then it is important to give information about it while purchasing health insurance. After getting her information, the insurance company understands how much risk is there with your health and with her help she decides the right premium.


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