Health Tips: Stomach is not clean? Eat these 5 fruits, you will get many benefits. Health Tips Eat these fruits to clean Stoma


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Health Tips: Due to changing lifestyle and eating unhealthy, many people are troubled by problems related to digestion. Because of this, problems like acidity, gas, constipation, bloating and cramps have to be faced. These things cause great harm to health. In such a situation, to keep the intestines healthy, something fruits Eating can prove beneficial. These things work to clean the stomach.

With this you will be able to save yourself from the problem of acidity and gas. Let us know which healthy fruits you can include in the diet.


Kiwi contains fiber. It contains actinidine enzyme. It contains Vitamin C. It removes the problem of constipation. Kiwi cleanses the stomach. It keeps the intestines healthy. Kiwi contains Vitamin C. Kiwi also contains water.


Papaya contains fiber. It works to speed up metabolism. Eating papaya helps in cleaning the stomach. Eating papaya also gives many other benefits to health. It is also beneficial for the skin. This removes stains.


Orange is also very good for digestion. It removes problems related to intestines and stomach. Oranges contain fiber. It cures constipation. Orange can also be taken in the form of juice or salad.


Strawberries contain fiber. Strawberries work to keep the digestive system healthy. Strawberries also contain vitamin C. It contains folate. Strawberries also provide relief from the problem of constipation.


Pear is also good for health. It contains nutrients like fiber, sorbitol and fructose. Pear is also rich in water. These are very good for the digestive system. It works to prevent the problem of constipation. Eating this keeps the stomach clean. You can also eat pears as a salad. It is also good for bones.

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