Healthy Liver is very important! Know how you can avoid liver damage


Healthy Liver Diet: Liver is also known as liver and liver. It performs various functions inside our body. If there is any problem in it then its symptoms start appearing on the body. To protect your liver from diseases, you should include some healthy foods in your diet. You will get a lot of benefit from them.

what is liver function

Health experts say that the liver converts what we eat into energy and nutrients. Not only this, it also helps to filter harmful and toxic substances from the blood.

If these things are included in the diet, then the liver will be strong.

1- Garlic – Such antioxidant and antibiotic properties are found in garlic, which helps in making the liver clean and strong.

2- Papaya – To avoid liver diseases, you should consume papaya daily. Health experts say that the consumption of papaya especially helps in reducing the symptoms of liver cirrhosis.

3- Jamun – Yes, high level antioxidants are found in berries, which can help you fight liver cancer. For this, you can include Jamun in your diet.

4- Carrot: You know that carrot is beneficial for our body, the vitamin A found in it makes the liver strong and it has to be protected from diseases related to it. Health experts say that beta-carotene is found in high amounts in carrots, which helps the liver to function properly.

5- Turmeric – You all know that turmeric found in your kitchen has medicinal properties, it naturally removes toxic substances and helps to strengthen your liver. It keeps your liver healthy.

Beetroot: Vitamin C is found in abundance in beetroot, it also helps in curing bile and enzymes. Along with this iron also comes in it.

liver damage symptoms


– reduce appetite

Weight loss without any reason

– Jaundice

– vomiting

– Exhaustion

– having diarrhea

– itchy body

What should not be consumed

– Must not consume alcohol

Don’t eat fried things

– Avoid Spicy Foods


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