Heavy traffic jam on Delhi-Dehradun highway due to overturning of trolley in Meerut


Meerut. A trolley carrying gutter overturned on Thursday at Mohaddinpur located on the Delhi-Dehradun highway in Partapur. Due to this there was a huge jam on the highway. Several vehicles were saved from being hit.

According to the information, in front of Mohaddinpur Sugar Mill, on Thursday, Trola was going with the gutter of Rapid Rail. As soon as the trolla got cut, the balance got spoiled and the trolla overturned. Many vehicles were saved due to its grip.

During this, an atmosphere of chaos was created. In no time, the situation of jam became from Bhudbaral to Govindpuri. Traffic police and local police diverted the route and controlled the jam after four hours of hard work. School bus, ambulance and BIP vehicles were stuck in the jam.

Mohidinpur Trade Union President Sonu says that due to the large vehicles engaged in the rapid rail, accidents keep happening here. Due to this the traders have to bear the loss.

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