Here you can buy houses in just 75 rupees, beautiful Corona free place , Know its name


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Corona virus has caused havoc all over the world. The Corona epidemic that began in China made most countries of the world a victim. The epidemic, which started in January, has not been controlled yet. The mayor of this village, Michela Konia, says that there is not a single case of coronavirus in this village yet. As far as selling of houses at affordable prices is concerned, it is being done in order to increase the population. The beach is 10 minutes away from Cinquefrondi village. Tourists often come here. To get a house here, it is necessary that the buyer must promise to keep the house clean and paint it from time to time. The village also has churches and historic buildings.

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The price of the house here will be only Rs 75, but the buyer will have to get insurance of Rs 280 annually. If the house is not repaired and furnished within three years after the purchase, then a fine of 22000 dollars (about 16,43,943 rupees) will have to be paid. The houses of this village are quite beautiful. People here love colors very much. In many places in this village the stairs are decorated with very beautiful colors. Natural beauty is spread around this village. Greenery is seen everywhere. There is also a mountain near the village.

Here you buy houses or just 75 rupees, beautiful Corona free place

The beach is very close from here. An annual Jalsa is celebrated in this village. On this occasion, people come out of the streets of the village with green bushes on their heads. cinquefrondi is a very beautiful village. The houses here are beautiful, it is situated at the bottom of a hill. Here people go for a walk on small boats in the sea. This is the reason why people are surprised about why houses are being sold here at such a low price.


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