Hindu New Year 2023: New year will start in three days, will the life of these zodiac signs shine like the sun


Hindu New Year 2023: The Hindu New Year begins on the Pratipada date of Chaitram Shuklapaksam. This time Chaitra Shuklam is starting from 22 March. Chaitra Navratri from today. It also marks the beginning of a new year in the Hindu calendar. This year is known as Vikram Naam Varsh. Vikrant name year is 2080. According to astrology, the movement of some planets will be most auspicious for 4 zodiac signs. How.. their horoscope will shine like the sun.

According to Hindu Panchang New Year Astrology name Vikrant, the prince of planets in the year 2080, Mercury will be the king and Venus will be the minister. Its effect is clearly visible in the lives of all zodiac signs. Let us know which zodiac signs will get benefit.

Vikram Nama year 2080 will be very beneficial for Sagittarius people. The doors of luck have opened for the people of Sagittarius. The way to get money will increase. Besides..your words attract others. Will have a good time with friends. Apart from this..employees will get new opportunities.

According to the Libra horoscope, this time is most favorable for the people of this zodiac. Stopped work will also be completed. Rivals will not come in front of you in professional life. Both success and progress in education. There will be no financial problem.

4/ 5_The Hindu New Year of Leo begins with the bright half of Chaitra month. In this sequence, the people of Leo zodiac get the best benefits. There are chances of profit from ancestral property. New avenues of income will open. On this occasion, the cooperation of family members is received. Job related problems and troubles will go away.

Gemini New Year starting from March 22 will have an impact on Gemini horoscope. Good days are about to come in the life of the people of this zodiac. There are chances of promotion on this occasion. There will be development in business. There are chances of financial gain at this time. Luck is with you.

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