Holi came in Muzaffarnagar, raids started by officers, many ran away after closing shops, why did they run away, will this also


Muzaffarnagar. As the festivals approach, the adulterants adopt new methods to adulterate food items and earn many times more profit than the cost by selling adulterated goods at expensive prices. The adulterated food items made by the shopkeepers are used by the residents of the district, after which they become victims of food poisoning and occupy hospital cots.

The responsible people remember this on every festival and they run a campaign of raids. Officers told that during the raid today many shopkeepers closed their shops and ran away, why did they run away, will they also be investigated?, Will the officers give any answer on this too?

By the way, the adulterants do not desist from their antics throughout the year, there is hardly any food item in which adulteration is not taking place, which everyone is also aware of, but the officers are busy in taking only the month throughout the year, but at the time of festivals, extra Raids have become a system every year to extract the expenses and to give a message to the public and the government.

Orders have been given by the Yogi government of the BJP ruling the state to put all the officers behind adulterants and send them behind bars. After which the samples have been filled in the district by the team of the Food Department while raiding. During this, many shopkeepers were found missing from their establishments, while many shopkeepers closed their shops and disappeared from there on seeing the team.

Food Safety Officer Chaman Lal Singh said that samples of food items like milk, curd, snacks, paneer, sweets, buckwheat flour and wheat flour rice etc. are being collected and sent to the lab by dozens of employees. He said that now

Till date, more than 300 samples have been filled by the Food Safety Department. During the raids, traders were fined lakhs of rupees.

Food Safety Officer Chaman Lal Singh says that in view of the upcoming festivals, the Food Department is continuously conducting raids and samples are being collected and sent to the lab. He said that the action against adulterated khors will continue till Holi, so that spurious and adulterated food items and goods can be banned and the residents of the district can get good food items.

‘Royal Bulletin’ Wants to know from these officers in the public interest that today the shopkeepers who closed their shops and ran away on seeing the raiding team, are they selling genuine goods? Will you keep an eye? Everyone should keep an eye on this so that everyone can get food without adulteration!

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