Home loan is going on and now want personal loan, know whether money will be available or not

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In today’s time people have to take loans to meet their needs. Some people can buy things according to their needs by taking loans. Expenses can be incurred on some event, service can be benefited. Different types of loans are also available according to the needs of the people. Vehicle loans for buying cars and bikes, home loans for buying a house, education loans for studies and personal loans for general expenses are also provided.

Personal Loan & Home Loan

A lot of documents are required while taking a home loan. Apart from this, home loans are taken for a very long period. Home loan EMI can be higher and the EMI can be paid over a longer period. In such a situation, the question often arises that if someone has taken a home loan, can that person take a personal loan?

debt repayment capacity

Even after buying a house, if someone needs a personal loan, then he can apply for it. However, availing a personal loan depends on your loan repayment capacity.

Bank investigates these matters

If you have already taken a home loan and are now applying for a personal loan and the bank finds your personal loan repayment status suitable, the bank can offer a personal loan.

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