‘How can a ‘price tag’ be applied to the pain of a rape victim?’ asked the Delhi High Court while incre

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Delhi High Court has taken strict action in the case of rape of girls. The court has given a strict system for such cases. The court said that while determining the compensation for the victims, the maximum compensation of Rs 7 lakh prescribed under this Act should be taken as the minimum basis. In fact, in a child sexual abuse case, the court directly asked how one could put a price on the suffering of a rape victim.

Compensation amount does not mitigate victim’s suffering: Court

The Delhi High Court said, “Whatever the amount of compensation, it can never mitigate the suffering of the victim. It may be that the financial compensation he receives may help him a little in his rehabilitation.”

25 percent compensation to be paid within 60 days: Court

Justice Jasmeet Singh directed that 25 percent of the maximum amount be paid as compensation within 60 days of filing the charge sheet against the officials and the special court hearing the case would decide the compensation claim.

The court took note of the Delhi victim’s compensation

The court noted that the Delhi Victim Compensation Scheme provides for maximum and minimum compensation. Therefore, the Court observed that the maximum amount of compensation should not be fixed under the Act or the Scheme.

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