How important is it to sanitize the phone while wearing a mask during the Corona era?


Corona virus infection has caused havoc all over the world. Everyone is being advised to take special precautions during this period and to exit only when it is very necessary.

In public places, people are being advised to apply masks and do social distancing, so many times a day, people are being asked to wash their hands with soap and use sanitizer.

How important is it to sanitize the phone while wearing a mask during the Corona era?

All this is necessary to prevent corona infection and people are also using them. People have to go out in connection with work and after coming from outside, they are also taking care of cleanliness.

Many times in this sequence, they also sanitize the phone, because it happens to them outside as well and sometimes they use it to talk to someone and sometimes even during online purchase of goods.

But do you know that the wrong way to sanitize the phone can increase your problem.

There may be a danger of short circuit

In fact, after coming from outside, some people use anti-bacterial weight-wipes to sanitize the phone, while some people also use different types of hand sanitizer.


Incorrect sanitizer use can damage the phone screen, headphone jack, and speakers. Even this can cause a risk of short circuit in the phone.

These days the mobile shop repairing centers are increasing the number of people who are arriving to get their phones fixed. Due to the complaints coming in them, it seems that caution was not taken while sanitizing the phone.

Actually, many times in this sequence, when the sanitizer goes in the phone and it spoils the phone.

Since the sanitizer contains alcohol, the color of the phone can also change. Not only this, it can damage the phone’s display and camera lens and can pose a risk of short circuit. Therefore it is important to take special care while cleaning the phone.

How to sanitize the phone?How important is it to sanitize the phone while wearing a mask during the Corona era?

While cleaning the phone with sanitizer, it should be turned off. The phone can be cleaned by taking a light sanitizer in cotton or any cotton cloth. There are also several medicated wipes in the market, which are easily available at medical stores.

Some wipes also contain up to 70 percent alcohol. These wipes are largely dry, due to which there is no risk of the mobile going to the sanitizer.

Bacterial tissue paper can also be used to clean the phone. With the help of these, every corner of the phone can be cleaned thoroughly. Apart from this, you can also gather better information about this by talking to the customer care of your phone company.


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