How to fast on Sunday, know the method of worship and avoid these things


Kolkata : In Hinduism, each day has a different significance, as each day is dedicated to one or the other god. It is believed that by worshiping the same God on that day, they become happy quickly. Similarly, today i.e. Sunday is dedicated to Sun God. On this day people worship the Sun God and offer Arghya to him. It is believed that if a fast is observed on Sunday and worship is done with a true heart, then a person’s wishes are fulfilled. So let’s know how many Sundays should be fasted and why should be done.

This is the benefit of fasting of Suryadev

According to the scriptures, by observing this fast every Sunday continuously for one year, one gets freedom from all kinds of physical pain. There are also special benefits of observing this fast till 30 or 12 Sundays. It is written in the scriptures that fasting for the Sun not only makes the body healthy, but also inauspicious results turn into auspicious results. If the fasting story is heard on this day, then all the wishes of a man are fulfilled by it. Along with this, respect, wealth-fame and good health are also attained. Not only this, if the position of the Sun is not right in the horoscope of a person, then he must observe this fast.

Learn the method of fasting

Before observing this fast, it is necessary to take a resolution that for how many Sundays this fast will be observed. After this, you can start it from the coming Sunday. Sun mantra should be chanted on Sunday morning by wearing red colored clothes. After this, worship the Sun God by offering Arghya with water, blood, sandalwood, Akshat, red flower and Durva. Eat food only after sunset and make sure to use wheat bread, porridge, milk, curd and ghee in it. Good food should be prepared and eaten after fasting, due to which your body gets full energy. Do not use salt in food on this day and do not eat salt after sunset even by mistake. On this day, by eating rice mixed with milk and jaggery, the bad effects of the sun do not affect you.

story of fasting

It is a matter of ancient times. There was an old lady who used to get up before sunrise regularly on Sundays and after retiring from her routine, used to smear her courtyard with cow dung so that it could be clean. After this she used to worship the Sun God. Along with this, she also used to listen to the fasting story of Sunday. On this day, she used to have food once and before that she used to offer bhog to the Sun God. Surya Dev was very pleased with that old lady. This was the reason that she did not have any kind of pain and she was full of wealth.

When her neighbor saw that she was very happy, she became jealous of him. There was no cow in Badiya’s house, so she used to bring cow dung to her neighbor’s courtyard. Because the cow used to be tied at his place. The neighbor tied the cow inside the house thinking something to disturb the old lady. Next Sunday, the old lady did not get cow dung to cover the courtyard. Because of this, he did not even offer bhog to the Sun God. At the same time, she herself did not eat and remained hungry and thirsty for the whole day and then fell asleep.

The next day when she woke up, she saw that a beautiful cow and a calf were tied in her courtyard. The old woman was surprised to see the cow. He fed fodder to the cow. At the same time, seeing the beautiful cow and calf tied in the courtyard of his neighbor old woman, he was more jealous. So she became more envious of him. When the neighbor saw gold dung lying near his cow, he picked it up from there and kept it near his cow’s dung.

The neighbor became rich in a few days from the gold dung. This went on for several days. For many days the old lady did not know anything about the gold dung. In such a situation, the old woman kept fasting for the Sun God as before. At the same time, she kept listening to the story. After this, the day Suryadev came to know about the cleverness of the neighbor. Then he started a strong storm. Seeing the strong storm, the old woman tied her cow inside. The next day when the old woman woke up, she saw gold dung. Then he was very surprised.

From then onwards, he tied the cow inside the house. Within a few days the old woman became very rich. Seeing the happy and wealthy condition of the old lady, the neighbor became more envious. The neighbor persuaded her husband and sent him to the king of the city. When the king saw that beautiful cow, he was very happy. Seeing the gold dung, his happiness was no more, he was sent to the king of the city. The king was very happy to see the beautiful cow. When the king saw the dung of gold in the morning, there was no room for his surprise.

There, the old woman was praying to the Sun God being hungry and thirsty. Suryadev felt pity on him. The same night Suryadev appeared in the king’s dream and told him to return the old woman’s cow and calf immediately. If you don’t do this, then a mountain of troubles will fall on you. The dream of Suryadev scared the king badly. After this the king returned the cow and the calf to the old woman. The king gave a lot of money to the old lady and apologized. At the same time, the king also punished the neighbor and her husband. After this, the king made an announcement in the entire state that everyone should fast on Sunday. By fasting for the Sun God, a person becomes full of wealth and grains. Along with this, happiness also comes in the house.

on Sunday don’t these tasks

Do not consume oil and salt on Sunday. Abstain completely from meat or liquor. Don’t cut hair on Sunday and don’t even do oil massage. Do not buy or sell anything made of copper metal. Do not wear blue, black and gray colored clothes, and avoid wearing shoes if not necessary. Do not do any work in which milk is burnt in any way.

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