how to lose your weight permanently , Follow these 4 easy steps


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Is weight loss really necessary? Should we conform to the social pressure of our appearances? Even if we don’t want to or have to conform to the social norms of our weight, we need maintain our weight at an ideal number to avoid certain health issues. So here are a few tips to lose weight permanently.

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how to lose your weight permanently

1.Avoid junk food
I have observed that when I did not have any junk food for snacks, say like potato chips, I found myself losing the weight. Instead I started having a healthy snack such as,

Fruit salads (apple, grapes, oranges, bananas)
Nuts without any added sugar (badam, walnut, cashews, raisins)
Avoid junk food and start eating healthy


how to lose your weight permanently
2. Protein rich diet
Eat food that are rich in protein. A protein rich diet will guide in weight loss. Don’t have a light lunch on account of weight loss. Have more protein rich food like,

Beans, greens, lentils
Cottage cheese
Include these food in your lunch to guide your weight loss.


how to lose your weight permanently

3.Water burns fat
Yes. To lose weight, drink at least one to two litres of water everyday. Water helps in burning the fat and flushing out the toxic body waste. It helps in burning approximately 17000 calories a day. Drinking water regularly should assist with the weight loss.

how to lose your weight permanently

4.Say no to drinks
Be in hard or soft, it contains calories. You should avoid drinking soft drink as it adds weigh due to the sugar content and alcohol such as beer also results in weight increase. Try avoiding these drinks to improve weight lose.

how to lose your weight permanently
5. Fasting

Now when I say fasting, it doesn’t mean going without food for a week. It is called intermittent fasting that has been proven to help in weight loss. There are many types of fasting available for weigh loss. You can eat nothing for a day and then eat the next day. You can do this twice a week. Or some people will eat on alternate days according to your weight loss plan.


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