How to make rose water easily at home? You will get these benefits by including it in skin care daily. benefits of rose water


Rose Water Benefits: For centuries, rose water has been used to enhance beauty. As its name suggests it is a combination of rose and water.

Including rose water in skin care

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Rose Water: Rose water has many benefits on our skin. Often people apply rose water to enhance the beauty of their face. But do you know that beneficial for the skin rose water How is it made at home. You might also be surprised to hear this. But through this article, let us tell you how you can make rose water by following easy steps and how it is beneficial for the skin.

What is rose water?

Rose water has been used since centuries to enhance beauty. As its name suggests it is a combination of rose and water. Let us tell you that rose water is made by soaking rose leaves in water. Let’s know how to make it at home-

  • First of all take a fresh rose and separate its petals.
  • Now put distilled water and rose leaves in a pan.
  • There should not be much water. Otherwise the rose water will get diluted, due to which it will show less effect.
  • Now close the lid of the pan and let it boil on low flame.
  • As soon as the water becomes half, turn off the gas.
  • When the water cools down, filter it with a sieve and fill it in a clean bottle.

How to include rose water in skin care routine?

Face Mask: You must be applying face mask on your skin? Face masks made of rose water are beneficial for the skin. You can make rose water face mask according to your skin type.

toner: You will find toners of big brands in the market. If you do not want to spend money on these, then tone the skin with the help of rose water at home.

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Take bath with rose water: to stay fresh throughout the day while taking a shower Rose water should be added to the water. Bathing with this water will keep your body fresh.

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