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new born baby hair care tips : If there is a new born baby in the house then we have to take care of everything. One has to pay a lot of attention to their small things. There are some basic things to keep in mind while taking care of the baby. The skin of a newborn baby is very soft. Along with the skin, the baby’s hair is also very soft. Babies need to take care of their skin and hair, which helps them to have thick, soft and healthy hair. (Newborn baby hair care tips)

mild shampoo

A baby’s hair is five times thinner than an adult’s, so using a shampoo specially formulated for newborns is essential. To gently cleanse hair and scalp, use a mild shampoo free of parabens, sulfates, and artificial colors. Before buying baby care shampoo, you need to know about these products. , how to take care of newborn hair ,

natural hair oil

Choose a suitable oil for daily use as it makes the baby’s scalp very sensitive. In such cases, babies need to be massaged with oils that are chemical free and not very sticky. Avocado
And Pro-Vitamin B5 certified baby hair oil leaves hair silky and healthy. You can also use natural hair oil. , newborn hair shampoo ,

a good comb

If a child has thick and curly hair, then their hair can get tangled. To reduce tangles, gently comb baby’s hair with a wide-toothed, soft-bristle comb because a baby’s scalp is very soft. It is always better to comb baby’s hair immediately after shampooing (How to take care of new born baby)


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