I was upset after the success of Titanic: Kate Winslet


Los Angeles, Actress Kate Winslet says she felt troubled after the global release of the 1997 release Titanic, as the film affected her personal life.

As reported by DailyMail.com, Winslet became a household name after the success of James Cameroon’s film at the age of 21, in the film she was cast as the romantic lead of Leonadre DiCaprio. In the podcast WTF, the actress has spoken openly about the troubles she faced after her role in her personal life.

Winslet said, I immediately went into self-protective mode. It was like night and day from one day to another. I was criticized a lot and the British press was ruthless for me.


He further said, if I say honestly I was harassed. I remember, I used to think it was terrible and I hope that it would pass and that time passed, but it made me realize that, if popularity is like that, I was not ready for it.

At that time, instead of capitalizing on her new fame, the actress decided to improve her craft.

He said, I still feel like I’m not really ready to do a lot of work in Hollywood. This was a huge responsibility. I did not want to make mistakes, I wanted to stay in it for a long time. So I tried strategically and found small things, so that I could understand the craft a little better and myself a little better and maintain some degree of privacy and dignity.

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