‘I will Cut Your Neck ‘ Yuvraj Singh received death threat from this Cricketer


Hardly any Indian cricket fan will be able to forget the memories of T20 World Cup 2007. Under the leadership of MS Dhoni, the Indian team had won the first T20 World Cup. However, before winning the T20 World Cup, Team India’s strong batsman Yuvraj Singh had done a feat that no one would have thought of. Yuvraj Singh had the feat of hitting 6 sixes in 6 balls against England. Let us tell you that before hitting 6 sixes, Yuvraj Singh was threatened by England all-rounder Andrew Flintoff, which was revealed by Yuvraj Singh during a podcast.

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Yuvraj Singh said on the ’22 Yarns’ podcast that he had hit two fours off Flintoff’s ball before hitting Broad for 6 sixes, which infuriated him. Yuvraj said, ‘I remember that I hit two fours off Flintoff’s balls and he told me something and I also replied. Flintoff said to me, ‘Come here, I’ll cut your neck. Yuvraj told that that fight was very serious. I felt that I should reach every ball for a six.
‘Collingwood was advising Broad to get yorkers’

Yuvraj Singh did the feat of scoring a half-century in just 12 balls against England. Yuvraj said, ‘I hit a six in the first two balls of Broad. The third six I hit over the point, where I had not hit a six in my entire career. Collingwood was constantly asking Broad to bowl a yorker outside the off-stump because thYuvraj Singhe boundary there was long. But Broad was bowling at my feet. I know that Broad is nervous. The fifth ball hit the bottom of my bat but due to the short boundary, it went over Flintoff for 6 runs. On the last ball I was ready for a yorker and Broad threw the ball on my radar. After hitting 6 sixes, I saw Flintoff laughing.


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