If Center does not provide vaccine for free, we will provide vaccine for free: Kejriwal


New Delhi,  Delhi government will provide Corona vaccine free of cost in Delhi. Delhi has also requested the Central Government to make the Corona vaccine available for free. According to the Delhi government, he is currently waiting for the central government’s reply. If the central government does not provide the corona vaccine free, then the Delhi government will prepare a plan to give the corona vaccine free of cost.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said, “We have appealed to the central government to provide vaccine free of cost to the people of the whole country, if the central government does not provide vaccine for free and if need be, we will provide free vaccination to the people of Delhi.” Will provide

Regarding the Corona vaccine, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that I am happy that vaccination will start in Delhi from January 16. First the corona warriors, who are health workers, will be given the vaccine, then the frontline workers will be given the vaccine. I hope that the last one year which has gone through a lot of trouble, people will get relief from the introduction of vaccine and everyone will get rid of Corona.


The Chief Minister said, I want to appeal to all the people that no misconception should be spread about the Corona vaccine. I understand that the central government and our scientists have followed all protocols and all defense-related defenses. This medicine has been brought by following all those safeguards. Therefore, there should be no doubt of any kind in one’s mind.

CM Arvind Kejriwal said that I had appealed to the central government that our country is very poor. This kind of epidemic is the first time in 100 years. Earlier in 1918 such epidemic came and now after 100 years such epidemic has come. There are many people, who may not be able to pay the price of this medicine. Therefore, my appeal to the Central Government was that this vaccine should be made available free of cost to all people throughout the country.

The Chief Minister said that, at the moment we see what the central government does. If the central government does not provide free vaccine and if there is a need for the people of Delhi, we will at least make the vaccine available to the people of Delhi for free.

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