If children have a problem of stomach upset, then take care of food and drink like this

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marketable The food may be the best in the test, but the stomach Health may also deteriorate. Children like outside food or junk food more than older people. It seems, it mixes things that make us addicted to it. The effect of such diet or wrong eating habits is first seen on the stomach. The health of the stomach of children deteriorates and in such a situation, treatment is needed. Actually, the immune system of children is weaker than that of adults and hence it is very important to treat them immediately in case of stomach upset or other health problems.

In case of stomach upset, parents are confused about what to give to the child immediately. Know what foods you can feed your baby in this situation.

give fluids

According to health experts, due to diarrhea, a lot of fluid is lost from the body. If this is not done on time, then the problem can become worse. In such a situation, children should be given liquids to eat. You can give him coconut water to drink. It is healthy as well as tasty and kids love to eat it with great fervor.

boiled food

In case of food poisoning, allow the child to eat boiled or steamed food. You can cook and eat vegetables of different colors. Your child can easily eat them after seeing the colorful vegetables. Eating boiled vegetables will give rest to the stomach of the baby and after some time he will feel better.

low fiber diet

According to experts, if there is a problem of diarrhea or diarrhea, low-fiber food should be eaten. If your baby is more than 6 months and less than 12 months, then you can give him boiled rice to eat. However, there are many other such foods. In which the amount of fiber is less. However, if the child has diarrhoea, tea leaf water can be given to him.


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