If there is a quarrel between husband and wife every day, then follow this remedy of Tulsi


Usually this plant is found in every house and it is also included in every auspicious work, but do you know that basil leaf can help you in many ways. Whether there is a problem of money or there are negative forces in the house, you can remove five basil leaves from every problem.

Follow this remedy of Tulsi:

If you are feeling negative energies in your house, then before sleeping, keep five basil leaves under your pillow. With this these powers will run away from there.


Couples who are not forming at all, are having fights with each other every other day, then keep five basil leaves with you. By doing this the quarrel between husband and wife will end.

Wherever you are keeping the leaves, change it after every 24 hours and do this for 21 consecutive days. Throw the dry leaves in the water.

Wrap 5 basil leaves in a red paper and keep it at the place of worship and worship it. Tell these leaves to your heart’s desire. You will see the difference in a few days.


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