If there is a tattoo on the body, then you will not get any of these jobs, know

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There are different eligibility criteria for government jobs. Some of them are related to learning and some to behaviour. Today we will tell you about a rule that you never paid attention to. Every job has its own rules. Every year lakhs of youth prepare for government jobs. Getting a government job is not only difficult but it also takes many sacrifices to survive. People with body tattoos are not recognized in many government jobs in India.

There is also a craze about tattoos among college students. He makes many types of tattoos on his body. If you are preparing for a government job then it may be difficult for you to fulfill that hobby for a long time. Many top jobs in India have strict rules regarding tattoos. So know which government job candidates cannot get tattoos done on any part of the body.

If you have tattoo on any part of your body then you will not be able to apply for this main government job.

1- IAS (Indian Administrative Service)

2- IPS (Indian Police Service)

3- IRS (Internal Revenue Service)

4- IFS (Indian Foreign Service)

5- Indian Army

6- Indian Navy

7- Indian Air Force

8- Indian Coast Guard

9- Police

Why is tattooing forbidden?

Candidates applying for these jobs are rejected if they have any type of tattoo on their body. Several reasons have been given for this.

1. Tattoos are known to be the cause of many diseases. This increases the risk of diseases such as HIV, skin diseases and hepatitis A and B.

2. Many people have a belief in their mind that people who get tattoos done on the body are not allowed. They feel that their hobbies are more important than work.

3. Tattooed persons are not employed in the security forces as it threatens their security. A person can be identified by a tattoo when caught.

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