If there is headache for 8 days in a month? So these diseases can happen

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Tezzbuzz, New Delhi: Do you suffer from headache for eight or more days in a month? So this is an alarming sign, because it is the cause of migraine. Migraine becomes more dangerous when it turns into chronic migraine.

Chronic migraine causes heart attacks, high blood pressure and severe depression.
There are two types of migraine headaches – primary and secondary. Secondary migraine is associated with other diseases, whereas primary migraine is most common. This is a prototype headache and is known as a migraine.

Young people are most at risk
Migraines are most common in people aged 20-40. Happens especially in women. Women get more migraines than men because of imbalance in estrogen levels.

due to migraine
Many factors and foods can be responsible behind the onset of migraine. Acidity, stress, obesity, lack or excess of sleep, neurological causes, high blood pressure, smoking, use of too many gadgets, hormonal changes in women and genetic factors are also responsible for this.

It is important to identify the trigger of migraine
Many times the reason for having a migraine is also related to our diet and surrounding conditions. If you have a headache for 8-15 days in a month, then you have to pay attention to what is the cause of your headache. Coffee, chocolate, cheese, cheese, mushrooms, processed food, fermented food, heavy food, lack or excess of sleep, too much heat or cold, etc. all these aggravate migraine. At the same time, some medicines are also the cause of migraine.

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