If these signs start appearing in your house, be careful, a big problem is coming


We all know that the Tulsi plant is considered to be the form of Goddess Lakshmi. In Hinduism, Tulsi is also important in money other than Ayurveda. Regular worship of the Tulsi plant located in the house does not dwell in poverty. Apart from this, it has also been said that the Tulsi plant also gives an early indication of the coming crisis. Have you ever noticed that before the crisis comes to your home family, the Tulsi plant already starts showing its effect Under such circumstances, the basil plant starts drying up. It gives you a hint that there is going to be a crisis .

The wilted plant of tulsi:

If any misfortune comes to the house, the Tulsi plant is already wilted and the poverty of your house starts to dwell. It has been said in the scriptures that it is an indicator of impending calamity. The house in which the atmosphere of poverty unrest and discord It happens. Lakshmi never resides there.

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According to astrology, this is due to the planet Mercury because the color of Mercury is green and it is also considered to be a factor of trees and plants. Some people plant a Tulsi plant in the home courtyard but are unable to take regular care of it, remember this is not a common plant, there are some rules and rules of it.

Tulsi plant should be worshiped daily

The Ghee lamp should be light. Its leaves should not be broken daily, Sunday, Ekadashi, Surya or lunar eclipse, their leaves should not be plucked after the sun is set. If the basil plant dries then a new basil plant should be planted and dried plant should not be thrown, it should be flowed in water. Tulsi leaves should never be chewed with teeth but should be swallowed whole as Shiva and Ganesha are also inhabited in this plant.

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