If thin people want to increase weight, then include this yellow fruit in daily diet


New Delhi. Nowadays most of the people are troubled by their increasing weight. People do not know what they do to lose weight, even after going to the gym, their weight does not decrease. On the other hand, some people are also worried about their lean body. Even after all efforts, their weight does not increase. Because of this, no clothes ever fit them, sometimes they feel ashamed in front of some people because of their thin body. If you are also one of those people, whose weight does not increase. So this summer you can consume a fruit. Its name is Mango.

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Mango is the favorite fruit of most people in summer. People like to shake it or cut it and eat it. Consuming mangoes is also considered very beneficial for weight gain. Many health experts have given advice on this matter. So let us tell you today how you can increase your weight fast with mangoes.

1. Do not depend only on diet to gain weight. For this, you should also do regular exercise.

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2. Include mangoes in the diet. You can shake it or eat it after cutting it.

3. Strengthen the digestive system and also include dry fruits in the diet.

4. Mango is very helpful in gaining weight in summer. For this, cut the mango into small pieces. Then put the mango pieces in a glass of milk. Now mix them and eat with a spoon. In this way your weight will increase in a healthy way.

5. Always eat naturally ripe mangoes. Eating chemical mangoes can also cause health problems.

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