If you also have Vastu problem in your house then definitely follow these tips


Nowadays people take special care of Vastu while constructing home and office. At the same time, for which he also takes advice from many experts. It is said that if there is a Vastu defect at home or office, then people have to face many problems. Today we will tell you which those Vastu defects can be removed.

1. If you have any type of defect in your house, then make a swastika with a roll at the main door of your house to get rid of it.

2. If you are also going to buy and build a new house, then during the house entry into that house, worship the deity of Vastu.


3. Remember to light a lamp of ghee regularly in a home-made temple.

4. It is said that during the morning puja conch must be played, by doing so the negative energy goes out of the house.

5. Always keep one thing in mind while building a temple in the house. Never put idols or pictures of deities face to face.

6. Never dry flowers should be kept in the room.


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