If you are suffering from calcium deficiency then start eating pulses except milk, you will get 6 times more benefit

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Calcium Rich FoodCalcium is very important for our body. It is necessary for our body from bones to muscles. If there is a deficiency of calcium in the body, then the risk of many diseases arises. Calcium is very important for the strength of bones and teeth, in such a situation, we should consume food rich in calcium.

Which one has how much calcium?

Whenever we talk about the source of calcium, milk and milk products come first, but according to a research, more calcium is found in peeled tur dal than milk. According to reports, 6 times more calcium is found in arhar dal than milk. About 125 mg of calcium is found in 100 grams of milk, while more than 650 grams of calcium is present in the same toor dal.

calcium deficiency disease

Lack of calcium causes many problems. Calcium deficiency can lead to many problems, including osteoporosis and serious diseases like rickets. Due to the deficiency of calcium in the body, symptoms like fatigue, weakness and pain in hands and feet appear.

Which is better milk or lentils?

Less calcium is found in 100 grams of milk than peeled lentils. Nutrients like proteins, vitamins are found in abundance in milk. Peeled toor dal is rich in calcium and many nutrients are also found. Both the things are full of nutrients and are necessary for the body, so it is beneficial to eat both peeled tur dal and milk in case of calcium deficiency.

How much calcium is necessary?

According to experts, our body needs 800-1000 mg of calcium throughout the day, if we get less calcium than this, we can become a victim of calcium deficiency. We should include such food in the diet, which can get enough calcium, in such a situation, adding peeled tur dal in daily food is beneficial for health.

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