If you are troubled by the problem of falling hair, then include these things in your diet

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Thick hair on the head further enhances the beauty of our face. That’s why everyone wants to make their hair big and thick, but in today’s hectic life, a person is unable to take care of the hair, which leads to problems like hair fall and graying at an early age. Let us know how to avoid them and how to take care of hair.

Hair Fall TreatmentHair fall is a common problem. Sometimes increasing age, sometimes harmful shampoo, sometimes increasing pollution and sometimes lack of nutrients in the body become the reason for hair loss. Although hair fall is common, but if the hair starts falling more and will not grow again, then it is a matter of concern.

how to stop hair fall

It is difficult to avoid the effects of pollution and chemicals, but we can strengthen the hair by taking nutritious things in our daily diet, which will reduce hair fall and new hair will also start coming.

protein diet

Protein is an essential element of hair. Protein is very important for hair growth, due to lack of protein, hair loss starts. To avoid baldness, more and more protein should be included in the diet. Milk, pulses and nuts can be included to meet the deficiency of protein. A good amount of protein is found in them. Protein helps in regrowth of new hair.

vitamin rich food

Like protein, vitamin E is also very beneficial for our hair. If there is a problem of hair loss, then vitamin-rich things should be consumed. Vitamin E is found in abundance in almonds, eating it is very beneficial for hair health.

calcium deficiency

The right amount of calcium is very important for hair. Lack of calcium leads to hair fall and breakage. For hair loss, start consuming dairy products like milk, curd and cheese, which are rich in calcium. When the calcium deficiency is complete, the hair will become strong and fall will stop.

how to care

Apart from diet, hair care is also very important. To stop hair fall, coconut, mustard or whatever oil is right for you should be massaged well. The hair should be washed from time to time, because the dirt also causes hair fall. Instead of using chemicals in the hair, ayurvedic products should be used. Consult a doctor if the problem persists.

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