If you do Online shopping on Amazon and Flipkart , Then read this important news


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The rules that protect customers from the arbitrariness of e-commerce companies will be implemented before 31 March. In the meeting chaired by Prime Minister Modi, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs has set a target to implement these rules before March 31. After the implementation of these rules, e-commerce companies will not be able to affect the price of products. This information was given in the meeting of the Prime Minister Governing Council.

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If you do Online shopping on Amazon and Flipkart , Then read this important news

Will be able to get the refund in 24 hours – Suggestions were sought from all stakeholders on 2 December. The department is studying the suggestions of all the stakeholders. These rules will be applicable under the new Consumer Protection Act. These rules will stop the sale of fake products and will determine the accountability of the companies. Refund process will improve and refund will be available in 24 hours.

If you do Online shopping on Amazon and Flipkart , Then read this important news

Companies will not be able to give misleading advertisements. It will be necessary for companies to register in India. Companies will not be able to affect the price of the products and companies will have to give the right information to the customers before selling.


>> Research firm Gartner claimed, the online shopping habit would increase so much that by 2024 the World Health Organization (WHO) would declare this addiction a disorder. Online shopping will increase by 10 percent every year by 2022. >> According to the report, the fast growing online shopping habit can take the form of psychological disorder.

>> Through online shopping, people start shopping more than they need, while doing so, they forget the scope of their income and buy goods much higher than this.

> Due to this financial crisis will increase on them and tension will also increase. The WHO is closely monitoring this aspect of online shopping

>> The report claimed that due to the increasing ease of online shopping, financial crisis will increase for millions of people. In fact, most online sellers use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase sales.

>> With this, they target people and force them to shop unnecessarily and more. Coming to this, consumers start shopping more than their needs and capabilities.

>> People’s employment crisis will also arise and the hard earned money of millions of people will also be spent on buying unnecessary things.



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