if you have Corona or not , starts to Consuming these things now , your life will be saved


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The Corona virus has caused thousands of deaths worldwide and more than 4 lakh cases of infection have been reported. The corona virus quickly catches people whose immunity is weak. Health experts say that along with following basic hygiene guidelines to avoid corona virus, you should also include some things in your diet that strengthen immunity.

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The Ayurvedic herb Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia) is great for avoiding the corona virus. In Sanskrit language, Giloy is called ‘Amrita’ because it has the ability to fight all kinds of diseases. Boil the giloy, turmeric, black pepper powder and basil leaves well in water and make a thick juice. Then consume it.

if you have Corona or not , starts to Consuming these things now

Garlic is rich in calcium, due to which the person who uses it can avoid this epidemic disease. Because by using garlic our body remains completely healthy and healthy. Therefore, all of you must use garlic in maximum quantity.

Turmeric is the most important thing used in our home kitchen. But there are some people who use turmeric in very small amounts. Due to turmeric having antibiotic, the corona virus also keeps away from it. So friends, you must use turmeric to avoid corona virus.


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