If you have these 4 bad habits then you will never have money in your hands? better to leave them

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Tezzbuzz, New Delhi You must have seen many such people, whose earnings are good. Despite this, as soon as half a month passes, they are forced to ask for money from family members or friends.

What happens to them in the end, because of which they have to spread their hands in front of others. This situation is not happening with you anywhere. Today we will tell you about 5 such big mistakes, due to which people do not have money in their hands. If you also make such mistakes then it is good that you change them today, otherwise Mother Lakshmi will never be with you.

bad habits about money

1. Inexpensive shopping

It is normal for people to buy things they need. But there are many people who do not need to buy, yet they go shopping every week or every month as a hobby. In this way, most of the things bought in amateur shopping are of no use to them, thereby wasting their money. If you are fond of such purchases, then it is beneficial for you to change it in time.

2. Partying everyday with friends

Sometimes there is no harm in partying with friends on a special occasion. But if partying becomes a matter of daily routine, then it becomes a serious problem. Due to this wrong hobby of yours, you lose 500-1000 rupees every time.

If you had such a party even for 15 days in a month, then you directly caused a loss of Rs 15,000 to yourself. Think how much you can do for your family in these 15 thousand rupees. So if possible change this wrong or reduce it very little.

3. Spend more than you earn

There is a saying in our country that the longer the sheet, the more legs should be stretched. That is, the higher your financial condition, the more money should be spent. But many elders probably do not believe this proverb of elders.

That’s why they spend more than they earn and then keep extending their hands to ask for loans from others. The households who have such habit, they are never able to progress in life and always face financial crunch. So if you want happiness in life, then make a habit of spending according to your earnings.

4. fall into vain pretense

There will be many people around us who believe too much in looks. They buy more than one expensive thing to impress their friends and relatives. Such people do not believe much in bargaining and checking quality.

They believe that if it is expensive then it is good. Such people prefer to wear jeans pants worth 3 thousand rupees from the mall except good jeans pants of 900 rupees. If such people make such purchases even 2-3 times in a month, they become bankrupt there and later cry in front of others for financial crunch.

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