If you need a loan immediately, Then these 5 options can work for you


New Delhi: Emergency situations in life can happen to anyone. During the Corona crisis, many families were engulfed in economic crisis due to the loss of jobs.

Going to a job is a serious financial challenge if you do not have any means of income. Banks may hesitate to give you a loan. Today we are telling you five such options that you can try to take a loan.

Personal loan

Personal loan If you talk about the most popular short-term loan given by banks, then it is a personal loan. However, its interest rate is higher than the secured loan of the bank.

Loan against credit card

Loans can be a better option than a credit card. Existing card holders get a loan based on their card type, expense and repayment. If the cardholder avails this loan, his credit limit will be reduced from that amount. However, some lenders give more than the sanctioned credit limit and also loan in lieu of credit card.


Gold loan

Borrowers from gold loans can meet their money needs by monetizing their gold jewelery. The loan can be got up to 75% of the gold price fixed by the lender and the interest rate starts from around 9.10%.

Loans on PPF

Short-term loan is also available on PPF account. However, this account is available from the third financial year of opening. The loan amount can be up to 25 percent of the balance present at the time of applying.

Digital Top-Up Home Loan

Digital top-up home loan is also an option for people with existing home loans. The interest rates for the existing home loan borrower are generally lower than other loan options available.


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