If you suffer from gas, avoid these things immediately, this is the main reason

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Due to unhealthy food, most of the people nowadays are suffering from gas and indigestion problem. Gastric causes bloating, discomfort, burning and acidity in the stomach. Due to which the person starts to get very disturbed. But if you pay attention to your diet, you can get rid of gas problem very easily.

Stay away from fast food-
People with gastric problems should eliminate fast food from their diet. Fast food is low in fiber. By consuming it, the digestive system has to work more, due to which the digestive system cannot do its job well and the person starts complaining of constipation.

Also exclude raw bananas from the diet-
People suffering from gas problem should avoid consuming banana. Consuming raw bananas can cause constipation. Raw bananas contain a small amount of fiber. On the other hand, due to the soluble fiber in ripe bananas, it relieves constipation and gas problems.
Avoid consuming beans especially at night if you have gas problem. Beans contain raffinose, which makes food difficult to digest. Explain that when raffinose passing through the small intestine and large intestine is broken down by bacteria, carbon dioxide, methane gas etc. are produced. In this case, do not consume it at night. Eliminate them from your diet especially if there is gas.

Dairy products-
Do not consume dairy products if you have gas problem. Instead, you can add yogurt to your diet. This is because it is rich in probiotics, which are good for gut health.
Distance from onion
Fructose present in onions is known as natural sugar. It also works like sorbitol and raffinose. It is also broken down by bacteria in the gut, causing gas problems in the body.

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