If you want happiness, prosperity and peace at home, then definitely do this remedy before sleeping, Mother Lakshmi will bless y


New Delhi. Vastu should be taken care of for the happiness and prosperity of the house. According to Vastu Shastra, various measures like worship are done to please Maa Lakshmi. If these small Vastu measures are followed, then it brings happiness, peace and prosperity in the house along with money. Along with this, the house is also the abode of Maa Lakshmi and negative energy also ends from the house. So let’s know which work should be done before sleeping according to Vastu.

1. Light a lamp in the temple
Before sleeping at night, definitely light a lamp of ghee in the temple. It is believed that by lighting a lamp daily, the grace of Goddess Lakshmi always remains, due to which the economic condition becomes strong. Darkness should never be kept in the temple.

2. Burn camphor
According to Vaastu Shaastra, burn some camphor before sleeping and smoke it in the bedroom as well as in the whole house. It is believed that by doing this the negative energy of the house gets destroyed and Goddess Lakshmi becomes happy.

3. Mustard oil lamp
Mustard oil lamp should be lit in the south direction before sleeping at night. Because ancestors reside in this direction. By lighting a lamp, he gets pleased and blesses with happiness and prosperity. If it is not possible to light it overnight, light a lamp in the evening and then let a small bulb burn in this direction.

4. Keep the main door clean
The main door of the house should be cleaned before going to sleep at night. Shoes and slippers should be removed in front of the main door of the house because Goddess Lakshmi enters the house through the main door only.

5. Clean the corners of the house
According to Vastu, every corner of the house is considered very important. It is believed that the northeast and north direction of the house should be cleaned and slept at night. Because Kuber resides in these corners.

NoteThe information and suggestions given above have been presented for the purpose of general information only, we do not claim any kind of claim on them. Before adopting them, do take the advice of the concerned expert.


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