If you want the beginning of 2023 to be very auspicious then this thing will make you happy and wealthy

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The month of December has started and soon the time of new year is also going to come, in such a situation, if you want that the new year should start with happiness in your life and there should be blessings in the house, then you can celebrate the new year. Make sure to plant these things at your home which is considered very auspicious.

If you want to be blessed in the new year, then you must plant a basil plant in the house, along with it you can also plant other indoor plants which are auspicious.


Peacock feathers are very dear to Lord Shri Krishna. It is auspicious to keep peacock feathers in the house, according to Vastu, Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings remain in the house. By applying peacock feathers, positive energy spreads in the house.


Coconut is also considered auspicious in Hinduism, if you want wealth and prosperity in the house, then coconut does the work of calming the discord in the house, there is no shortage of money in the vault.


On New Year, you can also install Laughing Buddha in the house. Planting the office in the north-east direction of the house will bring many economic benefits. It is also auspicious to install a metal turtle.

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