If you want to lose weight fast, then these 5 hormones have to be balanced, see the solution


By keeping these 5 hormones in balance in the body, weight loss occurs very fast. Therefore, one should always consume a healthy and balanced diet.

We all want to lose weight and look fit and healthy in less time. But how fast the body fat will be reduced, it does not depend only on the diet chart and workout. When it comes to weight loss, many factors play an important role. One of these factors is the individual’s hormones.

Actually, hormones affect mood, metabolism and appetite as well as weight. Therefore, just eating a healthy diet and exercising twice a day does not reduce obesity. To lose weight fast, it is necessary to keep hormones balanced. Let us know, which 5 hormones make it difficult in weight loss.


Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas. It regulates the level of blood sugar. Due to obesity, the level of insulin in the body becomes unbalanced. This makes it difficult to lose weight. During this, the pancreas has to produce more insulin to reduce the amount of sugar in the body due to the consumption of refined diet. Therefore, to keep insulin levels normal, one should always eat a diet with a low glycemic index.


Cortisol is called the stress hormone. This hormone is produced in the body due to excessive stress. It is associated with the hormone insulin. Changing insulin levels in the blood make it difficult to lose weight. Due to the increase in stress hormones, the visceral fat stored around the internal organs of the body does not reduce. To remove stress, 8 hours of sleep should be taken and meditation should be done. This controls the level of cortisol.


Ghrelin hormone

Ghrelin hormone is called the hunger hormone. Its secretion occurs when the stomach is empty. This hormone sends a signal of hunger to the hypothalamus. The level of this hormone decreases after having a meal. But in obese people, the level of ghrelin does not decrease even after eating. There is no signal to the hypothalamus and the person overeats. To balance the ghrelin hormone, a diet rich in protein should be taken.


Leptin is made by the body’s fat cells. This hormone sends a message to the brain that it prevents overeating. But in people suffering from obesity, the leptin hormone does not work properly. The brain receives no signal. Due to this a person eats more food. Anti-inflammatory diet should be taken to control leptin. Apart from this, along with doing regular exercise, you should take good sleep.


This hormone aids in the sexual development of women. Weight gain occurs due to high or low levels of estrogen in the body of women. Estrogen levels are found to be higher in obese women. Lifestyle changes are necessary to control estrogen levels.

Estrogen levels are controlled by exercisinlose weight fastg regularly, consuming fiber-rich food and green leafy vegetables.

Note – The above information and suggestions are for general information, do not take it as the advice of a professional doctor. In case of any disease or problem, definitely consult a doctor.


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