IIT Placements Engineers Rejecting International Job Offers to Work in India Know Why | IITians are turning down job offers fro


To get a job in India, IIT Engineers are rejecting job offers from abroad. There are 3 important reasons behind this.

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Most of the people doing engineering have a desire to do jobs abroad. Every year a large number of IT professionals also go to other countries for jobs. There are also a large number of IIT students among them. They get many international job offers in the placement itself. But the latest data is telling the exact opposite story. recently happened IIT Placements Many students rejected the job offers they received from foreign companies. Instead, accepted the offer of Jobs available in India.

Placements have started in IIT Delhi from 1 December. In its statement, IIT Delhi said that ‘some students have preferred domestic job offers over international’. Some such cases are also being seen in other Indian Institutes of Technology i.e. IITs. This thing is definitely surprising. But there are three reasons behind this as well.

No to International Jobs.. Why?

A member of the IIT Delhi placement team told that students who rejected job offers abroad were also offered jobs worth crores by the best High Frequency Trading (HFT) companies. He has given 3 big and important reasons behind this decision of the students-

  • Companies in India are also offering them equivalent salary packages that those companies were offering.
  • The cost of living here is less as compared to many other countries (where offers are available).
  • The growth in terms of job market, salary is at par with those countries.

Apart from HFT, a similar trend was observed with consulting firms as well. Barnik Maitra, managing partner, Arthur D Little, a consulting firm, says, “If the Indian firm is a good brand and the money is good, then students are preferring to choose them instead of going abroad.” ,

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HFT and Quant companies are the ones that hire candidates to analyze the market using mathematical and statistical methods. Despite the global recession, these companies are offering salary packages worth crores to IIT students. The biggest offer was made by Zen Street Capital which was around Rs 4 crore per annum. Quantbox gave such job offers to more than 10 IIT students, for which the salary package ranged from Rs 1.6 crore to Rs 2.4 crore annually.

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