IItian quit his job for his newborn baby girl said it is Promotion To Fatherhood | Father left the job of Vice President to tak

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Every person has a desire since childhood that he should grow up to be a successful person, he should also have a salary in lakhs..for which he works hard from the beginning, but these days a case has come to the fore where a man after becoming a father Left my job worth lakhs.

Lakhs of jobs left after becoming a father

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Often people are looking for high salary jobs. Don’t know how much hard work they have to do for this. Salary The job should not go out of hand. But these days the story of such a father has come to the fore. who has his Newborn Baby Left his job worth lakhs to take care of. So that he could spend more and more time with his new born baby and the most surprising thing is that he seems to have got a promotion in his career in a way.

We are talking about Ankit Joshi, who studied from IIT Kharagpur, who has everything that a successful man should have, was the senior vice president of a company. Talking to Humans of Bombay about his decision, he said that a few days before the birth of his daughter, he left his high paying job. Nothing less than a promotion. During this time people had warned me that things would get difficult ahead, but my wife supported the decision.

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Ankit says that in the company where he was working as Vice President, he had to travel a lot. This was something that he was not ready to do after the birth of his daughter, so I decided to quit my job. During his interview, Joshi also told that the company also gave him a week’s paternity leave but I was not satisfied with it and I could not expect more from the company as he had taken a job as Senior Vice President a few months back. Started a new job.

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Since quitting his job, Joshi has devoted his time to taking care of Spiti. When he was asked that the daughter was named so because he and his wife decided after a trip to Spiti Valley that they would name their daughter after this wonderful place. Regarding the job ahead, Ankit says that after a few months, he will start applying for new jobs.

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