Imran Khan takes drugs, revealed in the medical report, ex-wife’s words turned out to be true!


Imran Khan’s difficulties are increasing. A physical examination of the former Prime Minister of Pakistan revealed that he had taken cocaine. This claim has been made by Pakistan’s Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel. He also claimed that traces of alcohol were also found in Imran’s body.

Imran’s physical test was done after he was arrested in a corruption case. The report found evidence of the presence of cocaine and alcohol in his body. Abdul Qadir said this on Friday. Hundreds of cases are already registered against Imran. This time if evidence of the presence of drugs is found, then the former Prime Minister of Pakistan will have to face more difficulties.

Abdul Qadir said that a panel of five doctors from Islamabad’s Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences conducted a physical examination of Imran, where Imran’s urine sample was taken, which showed the presence of toxic chemicals. The health minister claims that these toxic chemicals are cocaine and alcohol. The Health Minister said that all reports of Imran’s medical examination will be made public. He claims that this is the reason why Imran has lost his mental balance.

Imran was arrested on May 9 from the Islamabad High Court premises. His arrest sparked unrest across Pakistan. PTI supporters took to the streets and started protesting against the arrest of their leader. Later Imran got bail. The court has also given security that now they cannot be arrested under any circumstances. In such a situation, various speculations are being made regarding this claim of the Health Minister of Pakistan.

This is not the first time, even before this Imran’s intoxication has come to the fore in public. His ex-wife Reham Khan had alleged that she had caught the former Prime Minister of Pakistan red-handed while taking cocaine. Reham has spoken many times about Imran’s addiction. Although Imran never paid attention to this complaint.

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