Imran was in the court and the police was drinking juice stolen from the house, the servants snatched the money. Pakistan News


Imran Khan Arrest: Some interesting and surprising things have come to light from the house of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. The policemen who reached his house for the search operation took away the money of the servants and drank juice from the fridge, and also took away the food items.

Imran was in the court and the police was drinking juice after stealing it from the house, the servants snatched the money

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Imran Khan Arrest: The difficulties of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan are not reducing. The Shahbaz government has deployed hundreds of policemen to arrest him, where there was chaos outside his house on Saturday. Meanwhile, there was a huge scuffle between the police and Imran’s supporters. Meanwhile, the surprising thing is that the policemen who went to Imran’s house took out money from the pockets of his servants. Not only this, the policemen also took out juice from the fridge kept in the house and drank it.

Fawad Chaudhary, vice-president of Imran Khan’s party Tehreek-e-Insaf, alleged that the police took money from the pockets of the employees and drank juice from the fridge. Chaudhary told on social media that the policemen took away food items, juice from the fridge and money from the pockets of the servants from Imran’s house in Zaman Park. He told that the damage is being assessed and information about it will be given soon.

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Imran Khan did not get entry in the court

The door outside Imran Khan’s house has been demolished with a bulldozer. The employees who came to remove this alleged encroachment also took away cots, chairs and eatables from Imran’s house. Imran Khan was going to appear in the court on Saturday, where allegedly the vehicles of his convoy collided with each other. Imran finally reached the court, where it is being told that he had to wait for 15-20 minutes and was not even allowed to enter the court. Later he had to return home.

Weapons recovered from Imran’s house

In Pakistan Police, IG Usman Anwar said that a search warrant was received at 12 o’clock on Saturday to search Imran’s house and the police team reached his house. IG Usman claimed that during this time petrol bombs, catapults were hurled and firing was done at the policemen from Imran Khan’s house. During this, Imran’s supporters were arrested. According to IG Usman, there is an illegal bunker in Imran’s house. He told that during the search, weapons have also been recovered from Imran’s house, including 3 Kalashnikov rifles.

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