In Muzaffarnagar, from March 11 to 17, there will be inspection of electoral rolls and action for receiving claims and objection


Muzaffarnagar. Additional District Magistrate (V/R)/Electoral Registration Officer Arvind Kumar Mishra said that as per the instructions of the State Election Commission, Uttar Pradesh, the draft electoral rolls have been published on March 10, 2013 in Muzaffarnagar district for brief revision of the electoral rolls of the urban bodies. From March 11, 2023 to March 17, 2023, the inspection of the electoral roll published in draft form by the BLO at the concerned polling places and the process of receiving claims and objections is to be completed. State Election Commission, Uttar Pradesh has been directed to continuously review the work done by the BLOs for error-free preparation of electoral rolls so that the electoral rolls can be prepared within the stipulated time period.

Such Indian citizens, who are normally residing under the ward of an urban body, who have completed 18 years of age or more on January 01, 2023, can apply for the ward of the urban body related to their place of residence. ) will be eligible for inclusion of names in the Electoral Roll. An error free Electoral Roll is the basis of democracy and its correctness depends on the active cooperation of every citizen.

All the eligible Indian citizens of Muzaffarnagar are requested to ensure that their names are included in the electoral roll during the period of the said work. A person shall be disqualified for registration in the electoral roll if he-

1-Not a citizen of India, or

2. is of unsound mind and stands declared by a competent court to be so, or

3- For the time being disqualified for voting under the provisions of any law relating to corrupt practices and other offenses relating to elections.

Please check whether your name and all the eligible members of your family are registered in the electoral roll or not. If it is not registered then get the enhancement form from B.L.O and fill it and submit it to B.L.O. If any name and entry of you or your family has to be deleted or modified, then get the prescribed form from BLO and fill it and submit it to BLO. Forms related to addition, erasure and amendment are also available free of cost in the concerned office of Assistant Electoral Registration Officer, Municipal body, Tehsil office and District Election Office, Panchayat and Urban body Muzaffarnagar. Voters can also apply online for the inclusion of their names on the website of the State Election Commission, Uttar Pradesh, during the period from March 11, 2023 to March 17, 2023.

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