In Muzaffarnagar, Kanshiram Colony is in fear of Hinduist leaders, they get possession done in the name of ADM’s old allot


Muzaffarnagar. The poor people living in Kashiram Housing Colony are at present caught in the web of some Hinduist leaders. It is alleged that for a long time the movement of some Hinduist leaders is taking place in Kashiram residential colony of Muzaffarnagar.

In Muzaffarnagar, the then Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Kumari Mayawati, near the Shakuntalam Residential Colony located on the Circular Road of Thana Civil Line area, had constructed Kanshi Ram residences for poor people, in which these houses were given to poor and weak people, after which Kashiram Awas was also constructed in Khanjapur of Thana Nagar Kotwali area, but in 2012 the BSP government was no more.

Akhilesh Yadav’s government had come, in which despite the construction of Kashiram Awas, these houses could not be allotted to anyone, after lying vacant for a long time they were allotted to the poor people, but soon the people of Kashiram Awas started getting relief. got caught in the eye of some Hinduist leaders and in these two colonies the interference of some so-called Hinduist leaders increased so much that most of the decisions were taken by the so-called Hinduist leaders.

For a long time, some houses were canceled and others were allotted to poor people after complaints were lodged in these colonies. People living in Kashiram Housing Colony allege that if a laborer goes to kilns or other places to work as a laborer or goes somewhere for treatment due to illness for just 15 days, then the said Hinduist The leader takes money there, breaks the lock of that poor man’s house and throws the goods and enters another person.

It is being told that 2 days ago, as soon as some Hinduist leaders tried to enter another person in that house by breaking the lock of a house from the terrace, then the old couple living in that house also reached the spot, pushed- Got punched It is alleged that the Hinduist leaders pushed and abused the women, after which the people of the colony got angry and these Hinduist leaders were thrashed, but somehow it came out from there and went directly to the Sujdu Chungi Police Station. But when they reached, there was a lot of commotion.

The people of Kashiram Awas also reached the police post itself. Tahrir was given from both the sides. It is alleged that the police is also in collusion with the said people. It is being told that inspector or policemen go and get the houses vacated by keeping all the rules and regulations in check. Residents of the locality say that these people bring orders for allotment of houses in the name of former Additional District Magistrate of Muzaffarnagar, Amit Kumar, in front of whom the poor people leave their homes crying silently.

Some people are also present in the colony itself to inform about these people, if any house is locked for a long time, then on the information of the informer, the said gang reaches immediately and breaks the lock and leaves after doing its work. The allotment letters of former Additional District Magistrate of Muzaffarnagar are not finished yet, if anyone asks, they say that this allotment is of the same time and it was pending.

The people of the locality gathered and narrated their ordeal in front of the media. Now it has to be seen whether action will be taken against these people or not, but it is true that there is a need to investigate once in Kanshiram residential colony that who are living here illegally and in whose name these houses are allotted.


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