According to Vastu, we all have some or the other defect in our house, which is considered as Vastu defect. Due to these defects, there is often an atmosphere of discord in our house. There are quarrels between family members. There is no love in the relationship between husband and wife. Let us know what are these real defects.

Pictures can be made on the walls of the house, but pictures and idols should not be put up. This becomes a terrible Vastu defect. If you keep an idol of God in your house, do not keep it too big. It is correct to have only one door or a small idol in the house.

Never rent a room in this direction

The northeast angle of the house should not be high. Also, the construction of toilet should not be done in this direction under any circumstances. Due to which there is a huge loss of money. Inauspicious events can happen in the family. This direction is lower than other directions and it is considered auspicious to have a temple in this direction. If a room is made for living, then the room in the north direction should never be given on rent.

inward opening windows

It is not considered auspicious to open the door of the house outside. It is inauspicious if the door opens inwards. Also, if there is a sound while opening and closing the door, then it is not good. There is also a rule for the windows in the house that they should open inwards and not outwards. This defect causes fear and mental distress. The head of the house has to suffer in life.

Vastu defect related to kitchen

The kitchen should never be such that the stove is visible from the front of the door. Due to which the blessings go away from the house. It is considered very auspicious for housewives to face east while cooking. This brings health. People get sick less at home. The stove and platform should be cleaned after cooking at night. Utensils should not be left in the sink overnight.