Inauguration of civil terminal heralds a new era in Kanpur: Yogi


Kanpur. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath (CM Yogi) said on Friday that the opening of the civil terminal in Kanpur, which is lagging behind in the race for industrial development, will usher in a new era.

Inaugurating the new terminal building of Kanpur Airport, Mr. Yogi said that the process of development which was started six years ago, will be taken forward with commitment. The gift of the new Civil Enclave is a part of the same development process. Kanpur’s road connectivity is very good, work is on to improve it further. Within the state, we are working on a process to form a waterway authority.

We will work on those possibilities that as National Waterway No. 1 has started from Haldia to Varanasi and is continuing till Prayagraj, similarly Kanpur can also be connected with the facility of this waterway. I am sure that in the coming time its results will be visible to all of us.

Referring to the changes that have taken place in the last few years, CM Yogi said that the world has seen India changing in the last nine years under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. The country is also getting its benefits and being the state with the largest population, Uttar Pradesh is also getting it. If you want to see change in Uttar Pradesh, it has been seen within the last 6 years in the field of civil aviation. In 2017, two airports were functional and two were partially functional. But today nine airports are fully functional and work is going on at 12. We can say that in the coming time there will definitely be an airport at almost every commissionerate level in Uttar Pradesh and work will be done to make the movement of people easier.

He said that there were many assumptions in people’s mind about 2017 regarding Kanpur. On one hand industries were shutting down and on the other hand people used to blame Kanpur for the pollution in Ganga. Kanpur’s connectivity, whether it is road, air or metro and the best facilities of public transport have been made available. Not only this, the work of tapping the Sisamau drain has been done to make it a selfie point. PM Modi has tried to bring back Kanpur to its former glory by developing it as a new node of the Defense Corridor. Today many industries of defense production are standing at the door of Kanpur. We can say with confidence that we will bring back Kanpur and its ancient glory.

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