Ind Vs Pak: Will India-Pakistan T20 World Cup Canceled? There is a shocking reason


MAY LABORN – Matches between India and Pakistan on the cricket field are a treat for cricket lovers. Now the cricket lovers are paying attention to the match between India and Pakistan on October 23 in the T20 World Cup which has started in Australia.

But just as the World Cup has started, there is a bad news for the cricket lovers. Currently, according to the news coming from Australia, this match is likely to be cancelled.

As per the T20 World Cup schedule, India and Pakistan will face each other on October 23. The match will start at 1:30 pm Indian time. Cricket lovers are also eagerly waiting for this match. But there is a hint of uncertainty on this match. The match to be played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground may be canceled due to heavy rain. On October 23, Melbourne is expected to experience heavy rain throughout the day. According to the information received, the force of rain will be such that it is considered difficult to toss.

Meanwhile, India and Pakistan will be awarded one point each if the match is canceled due to heavy rain. ICC has already made provision in this regard. No reserve day has been kept for Super 12 round matches. In case of rain interruption, the match will not be played on the next day.

Teams of India and Pakistan have faced each other six times in T20 World Cup. India won 5 of those matches. Pakistan has won one match. Pakistan defeated the Indian team for the first time in last year’s T20 World Cup.

India will play their first match in T20 World Cup against Pakistan on October 23. While India’s second match will be against Group A runners-up on October 27, third match against South Africa on October 30, followed by fourth match against Bangladesh on November 2 and fifth match against Group B winner on November 6.

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