Bad news for Indane gas customers , see fast


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Today Aadhar Card has become the only major identity card citizens of India and all the people of India use their maximum card to avail the services provided by the government. Many questions are being raised, even the government is being accused that information of more than 200 million people has been stolen, but the government has always been The questions are denied.

Today our article is linked to the safety of Aadhaar card and the negligence of the Indane Gas Company, according to the information provided by the international media company Znet, due to the mistake of India’s LPG gas company Indane Adhar card of the millions of people of India And all the information related to the bank has been leaked.

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Znet has said that there is such a technical problem in India’s Indane Gas Company website that by taking advantage of it, any person can get all the information of any person’s Aadhar card and bank.

This again raises many questions on the Aadhar card and the safety of the general public. If you are an inden gas customer then be careful so that your Aadhar card and bank information can be misused by any person and you can The trouble is that the Indane Gas Company has claimed that they have removed the problem, now the problem has not been removed and it has not been confirmed yet.

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