India is now ready to export guns, proposal for export of Rs 1261 crore in defense sector

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New Delhi: Once there was a shortage of guns with the Indian Army, now the same country is preparing to export guns to the rest of the world. Guns worth $155 million i.e. Rs 1261 crore will be exported from India’s private company Kalyani Strategic Systems. But it was not disclosed to which countries these guns would be exported.

Kalyani Group Bharat Forge in Pune has said in a notification to the Bombay Stock Exchange that Kalyani Strategic Systems has received an order for 155 mm artillery guns from a non-conflict area. This order of guns received by Kalyani Strategic Systems will be completed in the next three years. Its cost is Rs 1261 crore.

Order it from Saudi Arabia?

A non-conflict zone is an area where there is no war or dispute. But many have predicted the possibility that this country is Saudi Arabia. Because two years ago Kalyani Strategic Systems Company had sent two cannons to Saudi Arabia for trial.

Saudi Arabia test-fired Bharat Forge’s Bharat 52, 155 mm, 52 caliber towed howitzer. According to sources, this gun was tested by the Saudi Arabian army in 2020. This was the first cannon manufactured by the company. The range of this gun is about 41 kilometers and it can fire six rounds in 50 seconds.

The Kalyani Group in Pune has several variants of the 155mm gun. This includes the indigenously developed Advanced Towed Artillery Gun (ATAGS) developed in partnership with the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO).

This is the second order of Indian guns

The order received by Bharat Forge is India’s second order for gun exports. Earlier this year, India received an order from Armenia through the government-to-government route for the Pinaka multi-barrel rocket system.

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