India overwhelmed by Papua New Guinea’s PM honoring PM Modi by touching his feet – CM Yogi


Lucknow- Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has described Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s six-day foreign trip as one of the most successful foreign trips ever.

He has described the honor received by PM Modi abroad as the result of India’s growing influence and popularity of the Prime Minister. CM Yogi said that every Indian is proud to see the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi climbing to a new height.

It has been seen for the first time in Papua New Guinea that the Prime Minister of an independent and sovereign nation greets and congratulates the Prime Minister of another country by touching his feet. The whole country is not only overwhelmed by this scene but also emotional.

India’s dominance in the world has increased

The Chief Minister said that along with Papua New Guinea, the PM has received respect in Fiji. Moreover, the words ‘Modi is the Boss’ were used for PM Modi by the PM of Australia.

This is proof that India’s dominance in the world has increased. PM Modi is being seen as a hero among countries with developing economies in the world. Not only this, the developed countries are also looking at PM Modi as a companion in the crisis with hopeful eyes.

The whole of India is proud of the popularity of PM Modi

The Chief Minister told that for the first time the respect shown by the US President towards PM Modi and the desire to take PM Modi’s autograph was expressed.

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This is the respect given by the world to PM Modi’s popularity, hard work, dedication to the nation and the resolution of Nation First. India’s democracy seems to be getting stronger and popular in the world. The whole of India is proud of the popularity of PM Modi, on the other hand the opposition is determined to weaken India’s democracy with its negative statements.

The public will give a befitting reply to the ill-conceived efforts of the opposition.

CM said that the announcement of some opposition parties regarding the inauguration of the new parliament is a malicious attempt to weaken democracy and reduce the dignity and pride of India.

Every Indian who is working unitedly with the resolve of Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat will definitely give a befitting reply to this heinous attempt of the opposition when the time comes.

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